As my husband can attest to, I have a thing for magazines.  I LOVE to purchase them, tear out things, pass them along, etc. I think that if we purchased one of those log makers we'd have enough fuel to get us through the winter (OK, OK, I know that the winter in the East has been mild, but still).

So I was on one of my frenzied shopping sprees this past weekend and picked up an issue of Real Simple.  I didn't pay any attention, just realized I didn't have that cover in my possession and assumed it was a new issue. Two shopping stops later I ran across another Real Simple whose cover image I also did not recall -- in to my shopping cart it went.

Imagine my ire when upon arriving home I noticed that BOTH Real Simple issues had the SAME date (February 2012) AND that the content was the same.

I've posted an image above for you to see what I am talking about.

How do you feel about publishers switching covers to appeal to different markets?


What Happens When You Forget to Activate an Email on Your iDevice

Saved Photos-79

I've owned an iTouch since they first came out.  In fact, I owned a 1st Gen iTouch up until December.  Amazing, right?  Considering that I'm such a Gadget Geek.  I set up my 4th Gen iTouch, transferred over all my apps and I 'thought' I was good to go.  Ah, happy oblivion....

Three months later,  on a Sunday afternoon, I remembered that I hadn't seen some feeds I had emailed to myself from my Feedler account (my FAVORITE Google Reader app, it just works for me).  It ONLY just registered, because I tend to 'mail' these links to myself in the middle of the night when I'm still in a fog (I really should stop trying to do anything beyond playing Drop7.)  With a little sleuthing I discovered that although I had set up my email account on my iTouch I had forgotten to type in the password.  OK, that was easy to fix.  I vaguely wondered how many links I had lost as a result, but figured if I just now thought about it the links couldn't have been that important.

I glance up at my screen and -- WHOA!!!!!!!!!!! My gmail has just registered 61 new emails!!!!  What???  I sheepishly click over to the tab and sure enough.  All those emailed links which I thought were lost forever, guess they were just in cyber-limbo.

So when you get your iDevice, don't forget to COMPLETELY set up your email!  Or be prepared to confront a deluge of emails when you finally (like me) do figure it out!