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AppShopper At last count I have 695 apps on my iDevices. Even I am overwhelmed by that number and wonder how many of those apps are really worth my time. So I've taken on the task of Spring Cleaning a little early (early because here in the Northeast we're expecting yet ANOTHER Snow Day on Monday!).

Oh, and the 695? Did I actually sit down and count them all? NOPE! I use a great service/app called AppShopper which I set up on my computer and downloaded the app to my iDevices. Basically, it's a catalog of apps I own or want. Every time I acquire an app I just go into AppShopper, type in the app and tick the box that says 'Own It'. If it's an app that I would like at some point in the future -- perhaps it's priced a little high, or based on the App Activity that is listed in AppShopper I can tell that there's a strong possibility that the app will either go on sale or the price will be reduced at some reasonable point in the near future. If that's the case, I simply tick the box for 'Want It'. The great part about that is that I'll receive an email whenever there is 'action' on apps I've ticked with 'Want It'. Think of it like an RSS reader for apps you want.

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